My projector is tinted a different color

  • Make sure that the connections to your computer are tight. Always try to have all of those connectors flat on a surface not hanging over and down, because that can stretch out the wires and loosen the connectors making a poor signal

My projector says that it is overheating

  • Clean the air filter on bottom of projector. If you do not have experience with cleaning the air filter ask Laurie or Mike

My display is not showing up on my smartboard; just a second desktop is showing up

  • Go to system preferences under the apple in the upper corner. Next select displays. When the new window pops up make sure “show displays in menu bar” is checked. Then close that window and go up to the top bar and next to the internet fan, time, etc click on the TV screen. Select turn on mirroring and then you will have the identical on both displays. If you want to have a “second” desktop next to your main one, keep mirroring off.

My computer goes to sleep too fast

  • Go to the apple symbol on the top right hand corner and scroll down to system preferences. In the preferences, click on energy saver; click the lock symbol on the bottom of the window. You will need to enter the admin username and password. Once the lock is unlocked, slide the carrot to no higher than 30 minutes.

Preventing Damage to the Writing Surface

  • The front projection SMART Board interactive whiteboard is very durable. However, sharp writing instruments, such as ballpoint or fine-pointed pens, can damage the surface if they’re applied with heavy pressure. Don’t write on the screen with these types of pens. Also, don’t use abrasive erasers or cleaning materials.

Cleaning the Writing Surface

  • Clean your interactive whiteboard and pen tray frequently using standard whiteboard cleaner or Windex® glass cleaner. Before you clean the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, shut down your computer, so you don’t scramble the desktop icons or activate applications when you touch the screen.

Removing Permanent Marker Ink Stains

  • To remove permanent marker ink stains, use a cleaner such as the Sanford Expo® Dry Erase Board Doctor. Just write directly over the permanent ink with the Board Doctor pen, allow it to dry completely and then wipe it clean. You can also use a high-odor dry-erase marker to remove permanent ink. To do this, cover the permanent ink with the dry-erase ink and wipe with a soft cloth while the ink is still wet. If any trace of the ink remains, use standard Windex glass cleaner or whiteboard cleaner to clean the area.

This Ready light is….


  • There isn’t any power to the interactive whiteboard. Check the USB cable connections.

Solid green

  • The interactive whiteboard is successfully communicating with SMART Board software on the computer.

Flashing green

  • The interactive whiteboard is successfully communicating with the computer’s USB interface, but either SMART Board software hasn’t been installed or the SMART Board software service isn’t running. In this mode, the interactive whiteboard operates as a touch screen. The SMART Board tools, such as the pens and eraser, won’t work, but you can move the mouse pointer and perform mouse functions by touching anywhere on the screen. This mode may be desirable for occasional or guest users who don’t require the use of SMART Board tools or pen tray functions.

Solid red

  • The interactive whiteboard has power, but isn’t communicating with the computer. First, check the connection to the computer, and then reset the computer and the interactive whiteboard (see next page).

Solid or flashing amber

  • The interactive whiteboard is in a problem state. Reset the interactive whiteboard (see next page).