The printer is printing with non-printed streaks

Have a teacher gently open the door of the printer. The door is located at the front of where the paper lands when it comes out. Then gently pull out the toner and shake it without doing it so hard that it leaks. Then reinsert the toner carefully and close the door. If the problem still exists contact Mike or Laurie about ordering a new toner.

There are yellow lights blinking on the printer allowing it not to print

Check that there is paper and the drawer is fully in. If the light keeps happening check the back compartment for a paper jam and open and close the toner compartment. If the problem persists contact Mike or Laurie for more technical support

None of the laptops are charging

Make sure that the cow is plugged in. If the problem still exists check the on/off switches on the side of the cow, and under the first charger on each row

A laptop battery is not holding a charge

Let the laptop charge for at least an hour. If it still has no charge make sure you get the battery to Mike or Laurie immediately. If they put the battery in the recondition before it has completely gone bad they may be able to save it.

How to take a screen shot

Go up to the top right corner of your screen to the finder. Search “grab” and select the application Grab. You will next see a scissors on your dock and on the top bar it will say grab on the toolbar on the top of your screen. Then go to capture and select the type of screenshot you would like to take. If you do a selection you need to start in one corner and click and hold then drag across to the other corner. After taking a screen shot it will pop up with a window of your screenshot. Then save it and you have a screenshot!

How to change your resolution so you have more screen room

Go up to the top to the apple; then select system preferences. Once you are in a large amount of options go the second section and select displays. From there you should change your resolution to 1024x768. The higher the resolution, the smaller everything is.

How to connect usb speakers

Coming Soon

How to adjust the volume on usb speakers

To adjust the volume on the usb speakers you can use the sound buttons on the f keys or you may go up to the top of your screen and next to the battery and internet, etc you will find a sound icon. Click on that and you will be able to adjust the sound. You ALSO need to go on the back of the usb speakers and adjust that sound to get the loudest you can possibly get.