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You need to upload your Powerpoint to change it to a digital format and get the Embed Code.

Examples of a PowerPoint in a 'digital' format:

with rehearsed timings

without rehearsed timings

For author stream to make a simple PowerPoint into a slideshow / digital format, you need to have transitions TIMED, not on the mouse click. You can still have transitions, but you need to have it on times, or when you create a video, author stream will not know when to change slide, and you will not be able to make a video.


SlideShare Link
Login: mrsyingling

For both sites you will need to find the UPLOAD button (in Authorstream look for the 'single file upload' button.) Both sites will have you navigate to your desktop and upload your powerpoint. It may take 10 minutes. You can refresh the screen. When it is done you can get the EMBED code. This is what you will need to put the powerpoint in your wiki page. To embed your ppt into your wiki - paste the embed code into the TV screen widget.

Youtube Login:


AuthorStream Login:

Once you have created a PowerPoint, you need to go to authorstream. The url for authorstream is Next, you need to login in the top right hand corner. The information is above. Now you will see upload. You should select single file upload and then select browse next to the little bar to find your file. Once selected, you need to name it below. For license you should probably select the share-a-like license. Now you can upload. It will take a few seconds. Once you are uploaded, go to the top navigation bar and pull down “My Stuff” then “My Presentations.” Now you will see your project at the top, and you can wait until it is done processing and go to video, then convert to video. Note: this will only work if you have automatic timings. It will take 10 minutes to hours to covert. Once converted you should click on the preview of your PowerPoint and will see on the page that comes up in the right column “Send to YouTube.” Once you select that, it will ask you for a log in. Use the other login up top to login. Now it will upload to YouTube. You can then after that processes, go back to video, and you will see view on YouTube. Then you can copy the url and paste it into the url section of videos on Glogster.