The login screen keeps shaking and not logging in

Make sure that there are no spaces in the login. Check if caps lock is on. Delete everything and retype.

I login and there is a very small dock with only a few items on it

Try logging out and back in. If problem continues try restarting the computer

A message appears on the screen saying you have been disconnected from the server

Click disconnect all. Then go into finder and on the top bar select go, when the menu drops down select connect to server. For Mequon type in 10._._._ and for Thiensville type in ???. Then when the next screen pops up select the student folder and student shared folder

The internet does not work

Go up to the main finder bar and click once on the fan. If the airport is off turn it back on. If it does not automatically connect or it never was connected select LC-Mequon for Mequon and ??? for Thiensville. The teachers should know the passwords; if they do not know the passwords they may ask Laurie or Mike.

If you are on a wired computer in either labs or in a classroom, check the wiring to make sure all of the Ethernet cables are connected. If you do not know whether they are correct ask Saint Squad, Mike, or Laurie

The printer I want to use says it is paused

Select resume printer. Have a teacher type in the password for you. If the teacher does not know ask Laurie or Mike

I don’t see the student folders

In the finder, click go at the top-bar. Then scroll down to connect to server; Type in then hit enter. You will need to enter your username and password.